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Shabbat Morning Class - Parasha Chayei Sarah

Rabbi Mansour 09
???? ??? ???

????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???
"And Sarah was a hundred years and twenty years and seven years
old; these were the years of the life of Sarah"
Rashi explains the unique wording of the Pasuk; "One hundred like twenty
in regards to sin and like seven in beauty". Rashi also says: "???? ????
?????" , "All equal for the good". Sarah was pure and free of sin throughout
her life.
This week's Parasha speaks of the passing on Sarah Imeinu. The
???? says "When Sarah died ??? ?????? started speaking the Targum of
Unkulus". What is the meaning of this Midrash? Why would Sarah's
Passing cause Adam to speak in Targum (the Aramaic interpretation of the
Torah)?? The explanation is, that up until Sarah's passing, when a person
died, that person went to Adam in ???? ??? and asked him; why did you
sin?! As a result of your sin, death was decreed on the world! Now look
what had to happen- we had to die! Adam would answer them: How about
you?! You did many more sins than I did! It was a good answer, but when
Sarah passed away the ???? says; .. ??? ??? ?????? ??? and ??'? explains
???? ???? ????? , she was pure for all of them. This would be the first time that
someone would come to Adam and ask him why he sinned and he would
not be able to answer back. He couldn’t answer; "look at you"; because she
was a ???? , and free of sin! Adam started to read the Targum Unkulus. The
Targum explains the Pasuk simply .. ???? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ???? - "Sarah lived
127 years" The Targum does NOT give the Derasha of Rashi that she was
pure of sin. Adam therefore started speaking Targum in order to try and
"ignore" the fact that Sarah was free of sin when she demands to know why
he sinned!
Rashi says; ???? ???? ????? "all equal for good". How are we to
understand this? After all, Sarah experienced many difficulties! She was
barren, kidnapped, etc. The answer is a lesson to all of us. After a person
passes away they see that life was all good. It is only after they pass on
into the next world that they realize that everything that happened was for
the good. Sarah however was different; she realized that all was good even
during her life. She understood that everything Hashem does is for our
When a person is concentrating on something he will sometimes
squint his eyes, or when he is looking for something he will squint his eyes.
Why do we squint our eyes? This is in order to block out and not see all the
distractions; this helps us focus on what we are really trying to see. Closing
the eyes a little bit, is an idea of trying to focus. When a person is in pain he
closes his eyes totally. Why? Because he is trying to tap into and focus on
a much deeper idea, that really everything is good, even this pain. He is
focusing on this spiritual concept of ???? ???? ??? , and that takes an even
greater focus, so he closes his eyes totally. This is why we close our eyes
when we recite Shema Yisrael. In Shema we say: ?' ????? ?' ??? . Both
Hashem's name of kindness and judgment are really one and everything is
all good!
?????? ??? ?? ?????
"Avraham was old, and well advanced in age"
What does it mean ?? ????? (literally "came with his days")? Avraham
utilized every single day of his life. He injected into all his individual days
with the service of Hashem. He realized that every day is a unique
opportunity to serve Hashem. No day cannot be repeated again, to serve ,
to do the ??????? ,and effect the same things that this day, and this hour has
to offer! The millennium, century, decade, month, week, day, and hour form
a unique combination of ?????? to accomplish things that are unique to that
moment! For example: now we are in 5770-in the 6th millennium, 6 is the
???? (that is why the test of ???? is so hard now). We are in the 8th century,
the 8th decade, in the 2nd month, the 5th week, and the 6th day. Today has a
unique combination of the Sefirot that represents each of these numbers.
Each hour and minute has a configuration as well! What we do affects that
unique combination of Sefirot. We cannot afford to squander any moment!
Shabbat day- the rabbi taught about the Gemara that says that ' ?
????? ?? ???? would juggle 3 ????? (myrtle) at a wedding. Another rabbi
would hold one ??? and say " ??? ??? ?????? " but ?' ????? juggled 3 .?????
What is the significance of juggling 3 myrtles? The ???? says that by a
???? , the deceased parents and grandparents come down to join in the
???? . It says that they are " ??? " (uprooted) from ???? and brought down to
join in the ???? . Why does it use the term "uprooted" (a word that implies it
was by force)? Wouldn't they want to share in a ???? of the family? The
answer is, that even angels can get affected when they come down to this
world. We see this illustrated in the story of the angel - who was destroying
???? - stopped by Avraham’s house first. Why did he have to stop there?
Why not go straight to Sedom?? Avraham gave them a ????? and that
????? fortified them with ????? (we can imagine what kind of ?????
Avraham and Sarah put into the food!), that ????? would help them
withstand the ????? of ???? . Like it says ?????? ???? ???? ????? - (first eat,
then you will go). From here we see that the relatives that are in Olam
Haba don’t want to be tainted by this world, they are therefore "forced" to
come down.
The first ???? that we make under the Chupah is ,???? ??? ??????
and ??'? explains that the ???? is; ????? ??????? - In honor of "all that
gathered", showing honor and thanks for everyone that came. A deeper
understanding is that when the Torah referrers to ?????? that pass on, it
says; ????? ?? ???? - "he was gathered to his people".When Rashi explains;
????? ??????? "all that gathered" he hints to us that it is also in honor of
those that passed on.
When we make a ???? on food, it removes all the bad spirits from
the food, so too this ???? of ???? ??? ?????? removes any evil from the
area to "clear the way" for the departed not to get negatively affected from
the impurities of this world.
It also says that all the future descendants of the bride and groom are
under the chuppah as well (that is why the chuppah feels so cramped!!). ' ?
??? ???? ??????? explains that this is the reason why the bride and groom
are often moved to tears under the chuppah, because just as when a baby
is born the first thing it does is cry, (It cries because it would rather be up in
???? with Hashem instead of down here!) so too all the future unborn
children under the chuppah brings those same tears to the bride and
We now understand why he juggled three ????? . This was in order to
signify that there are three generations here at the wedding; the past,
present, and future. He juggled them up and down showing that the past
and future generations that are in heaven come down from upstairs, then
go back up.
Another explanation as to why he juggled three ????? is that it says ;
??? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?' - when the ??? ????? is up, the name of Hashem
is ???? in its "regular" holy form. However in ???? (exile) once the ??? ?????
was destroyed, Hashem deals with us in three different names of -?????
(concealment). One is: ?-?-?-? (the letters after ???? ), another name is: - ?-?
?-? (the letters before ???? ) and another name is: ?-? -? -? (which is ?''? ?''?
of ???? ). These three names are the names in ???? (exile) and they are all
the ????? of ???? . This is hinted by adding the ' ??? of these coupled with
26 + ?-?-?-? : ( 26 )???? = 26 + ?-? -? -? 65 = 26 + ?-? -? -? 48 =326
65 + 48 + 326 = 439
439 is the ' ??? of 439 =???? . This shows us that these are the names
in ???? . Our goal is to bring back the name of ???? like in the times of the
Beit Hamikdash and to send "back up" the 3 names of ????? that we have
now. The Pasuk says that Hashem said to ??? ?? ??? -:??? ???? - "lift up
??? "(lit; your stick) the word ??? is ?'? of the names . ???? ???? ????
We also see a ??? in ?????? when ??? ???? said ????? ?????? ?? ???
?' ??? ??? ??? ????? – when we go up to the Beit Hamikdash, that is when
??? ????? - the word 361 =????? which is the ' ??? of the 3 names on there
own (39+22+300=361). That is when the three names of concealment (that
total 361) go "up" and the name of ???? "comes down".
A wedding is similar to the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash, it says
whoever gets married is like they are rebuilding a "ruin of ??????? ". (The
reason why it is rebuilding a ruin instead of just building a new house is
because, we don’t want to be "so smart" and have new ideas, we want to
stay with the heritage of old!)
When we "rebuild" the Beit Hamikdash we cause the name of ???? to
come down. This is hinted in the word ??? (bride). ??? stands for ' ?? ??
?????? , showing that this is the time for the kingdom of ???? . We also see in
?????? -in the ???? mentioned earlier- : ????? ?????? ?? "I am happy when
they say to me" The word ?? hints to the statement made by the groom: ???
?? ?????? ?? . This shows us that when a couple gets married -" -??? "?????
it sends up the three names of concealment (361) and brings down the
name of ???? . This is also hinted in Gemara when it says ???? ?????? ????
???? - "how do we dance ???? ???? "? The word ?????? also broken up to
mean ???-??? to break the judgment, this is what happens when the name
of ???? comes down. This is what the ?????? have in mind when they dance
and jump, - to send up the names of ????? and to bring down ???? through
the ???? of the wedding and they dance " ???? ???? " - in front of ' ?? ??
?????? - in front of Hashem!
This is some why the rabbi juggled three ????? , in order to show that
three names were going "up" and the name of ???? comes "down" instead.
Perhaps this is why he specifically juggled myrtle. The leaves of the
myrtle have three leaves coming from each stem and this alludes to the
same idea.
This week we celebrated in our Shul the Bar Misvah of Shemuel
Franco, the son of Ike Franco. Interestingly, his name is ????? and his
father’s name is ???? . This makes the Bar Misvah boys name: ????? ??
???? - the exact name of the Rabbi whose juggling actions we have been
discussing!! This is no coincidence as everything that is said in our holy
Shabbat Shiur has an extra ????? ????? (heavenly assistance)!!

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