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Shabbat Morning Class - Parasha Vayishlach

Rabbi Mansour 09
???? ?????

"????? ???? ?????? ?????"- ??'? says ?????? ???- they were real ??????. What is ??'? telling us? The ???? says ??????, why does ??'? have to add ???? Since ?????? could also mean messengers, Rashi is telling us that here the word ?????? mean real angels, not messengers. The Baba Sali gives another reason, there are 4 images on the ??? ????? of Hashem. An ????- lion, ???- eagle, ????- cherub, and the face of Yaakov (it says in last weeks parasha that Yaakov slept in the place of the Mikdash, and after his dream when he saw what was in ???? he said ??? ?? ?' ????? ??? – ??? stands for ????-????-??? but ???? ?? ????? I didn’t know I was on the throne of Hashem ????- ????-???-????-????). When the Jews are doing the will of Hashem, then the face of Yaakov is on the throne. When they are not fulfilling Hashem’s will, then the face of Yaakov does not appear. So Yaakov wanted to check in ???? to see if his face is on the throne, to see if Hashem was happy with him. So obviously only angels can go up to ???? to check the throne of Hashem. Rashi explains ??? since only angels are able to check on his ????- his face to see if it was on the ??? ?????. That is why the Pasuk says ????? ???? ?????? ?????, to check if his face was there. Another answer is that Yaakov sent 3 angels to Eisav and their names were ?????, ??????, ??????? and Rashi was hinting to this with the word ???, which is the ?'? for ?????, ??????, ??????? . In Shaharit we say ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?????- that Hashem helped our fathers. We are supposed to have in mind all the good that Hashem has done for the Avot, and specifically for saving Yaakov in his fight against Eisav. This is hinted to in the word ????, which is the ???'- 677, and 677 is the ???' of the 3 angels that were with Yaakov, who went to Eisav ?????, ??????, ??????,= 677. This is also hinted in the words of the Pasuk ????? ???? ?????? which is ???'-677, hinting to who the ?????? were ?????, ??????, ??????=677.
Another answer given is that Eisav came to fight Yaakov with 400 men, so Eisav plus his 400 men=401. Yaakov plus his 11 sons and 4 wives=16 in addition to them the Pasuk says he had ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? and for each of these categories he had another person in charge of them. That is another 5 people, so 16+5 =21. So Yaakov had 21 people against Eisav’s 401, so he was short 380 people (401-21=380). So according to this answer he brought 380 angels to "even the score"- the ???' of ??? is 380!
Another reason is that every Friday night there are 2 angels that escort a man home, a ???? ??? and a ???? ??. When these angels see that the table is set, the candles are lit, and all is in order, the good angel says "may it be like this next week" and the bad angel is forced to answer Amen. If they see that the table is not set etc. than the bad angel says "may it be like this next week", and the good angel is forced to answer Amen (that is why we say ???? ????? and say ?????? ?????, that we should be blessed by the angels). On Shabbat specifically we see the concept of a bad angel answering Amen against his will. Yaakov wanted to "tap into" these angels to force even the angels of Eisav to bless him. So Yaakov told Eisav ?? ??? ????, the word ???? is the same letters as ????, hinting to him that he kept all ????-613 mitzvot. The question is how is that possible? There was no Beit Hamikdash, and many other mitzvot that were not applicable to Yaakov, so how could he have kept 613 mitzvot? The Zohar says that Shabbat is equal to all 613 mitzvot, so when he kept Shabbat it was as if he was keeping all the mitzvot. Why was Yaakov telling Eisav that he kept Shabbat? To show him that he had properly kept Shabbat, thereby forcing the bad angels to bless him,(as we see at the end of his fight with the angel of Eisav he forced the angel to bless him) "so don’t try and mess with me"! This is hinted to in the word ???, that stands for ??? ????? ???? (the 3 things the angels look at when they come into the house are to see if the candles are lit-?????, the couches and beds in order-???, and the table set- ????). Yaakov sent angels and even forced bad angels to bless him, like on Friday night in a home that is ready for Shabbat. We also see this hinted in the Pasuk that says when Yaakov saw the angels he called the place ?????- which literally means "camps" why camps in plural? It should just say camp? Because he was also controlling the angels from the other side, so there were 2 camps of angels under Yaakov’s control, both the good and bad. The ???' of the word ???? is 91 and ???? x 2 (for the 2 different kinds of ?????? good and bad)= 182, which is the ???' of Yaakov =182. Showing he had control over both kinds of angels. We see this connection between Yaakov and Shabbat in other ways like it says in the Kiddush of Shabbat ???? ???? ????. Every day of the week has a different number of ?? ?' in it, for ex: Sunday has one ?-? and Monday has 2 etc. Shabbat is the 7th day of the week, so it has 7x ?? ?' of ?-? and 7x26=182 which is the ???' of Yaakov=182. During the Seudah of Shabbat we also allude to these 7 names of Hashem. We take 2 loaves of bread ???=78 which is 3x26=78 and 2 loaves is 2 ??? which is 2x78 equaling 6 times?? ?'. We are still short one so we start the Kiddush by saying ??? ????? ????? ?????, giving us the 7th name of Hashem. Hashem placed in this world ????? ??????- ?? ???? ??. Avraham Avinu was the aspect of ??? ?????? and opposite that was Yishmael who was aspect of ??? ??????. Yitzhak Avinu was ??? ?????? and opposite him was Eisav who was aspect of ??? ??????. Yaakov however was made up of both ??? ???? of ?????. Eisav was only ??? ?????? going against Yaakov who was both ???&??? of ?????. Eisav knew this and in order to fight against Yaakov he wanted to make it even, so at the age 40 he married ????, the daughter of Yishmael to tap into the ??? ?????? of Yishmael. It was a very "calculated" marriage, he was attacking Yaakov with both ??? & ??? of ?????. What has the power to destroy both Eisav and Yishmael (??? ???? ??????)? The Shabbat, as it says ??????? ???? ??? ?????- that Shabbat was placed in between Friday, the day that the Arabs observe and Sunday, the day that the goyim observe. As it says in ???? ?????? written by the Arizal that ????? ?????? ???????? ???- that you have the right (Friday- day of Yishmael) and the left (Sunday- the day of Eisav) and in the middle the ???- referring to the Shabbat –(like we say ??? ???). Shabbat goes in the middle and destroys both Eisav and Yishmael. So Yaakov who as mentioned was connected to the Shabbat had the power to beat Eisav who attacked Yaakov with both his own ????? and that of Yishmael. This is hinted to in the name of Yaakov, since the ?''? of the name of Yaakov spelled backwards is ??? ????? ??? ?????? (he nullified the tumah of Eisav and Yishmael). When he was in the womb, he only had Eisav to deal with. That is why when he was first born the Pasuk says he was holding on the ??? of Eisav. ??? backwards is ??? ????? ???, but Hashem added a "?" to his name because he would need it in the future to nullify Yishmael as well. By Matan Torah the Jews said "???? ?????". The ???? was to subdue Eisav (???? is to do like Eisav who was named that because he came out "done") and ???? is to subdue Yishmael(???? to hear is like Yishmael-????? ???).

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