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Book Parasha Title Date Read Save
Shemot Vayakhel/Pekudei Shemot 2010- Parashat Vayakhel/Pekudei (Pesah) 6/15/2010 Read Save
Vayikra Vayikra Vayikra 2010- Parashat Vayikra (Pesah) 6/5/2010 Read Save
Vayikra Shemini Vayikra 2010- Parashat Shemini 5/25/2010 Read Save
Vayikra Tazria/Metzora Vayikra 2010- Parashat Tazria/Mesorah 5/20/2010 Read Save
Vayikra Emor Vayikra 2010- Parashat Emor 5/1/2010 Read Save
Vayikra Behar/Bechukotai Vayikra 2010- Parashat Behar/Bechukutai 4/20/2010 Read Save
Bamidbar Bamidbar Bamidbar 2010- Parashat Bamidbar 4/15/2010 Read Save
Bamidbar Naso Bamidbar 2010- Parashat Naso 4/10/2010 Read Save
Bamidbar Naso Shavuot 2010 2/10/2010 Read Save
Bereshit Bereishit Succot 2010 1/10/2010 Read Save
Bereshit Chayei Sarah Bereshit 2009- Parashat Haye Sarah 9/11/2009 Read Save
Bereshit Toldot Bereshit 2009- Parashat Toledot 9/6/2009 Read Save
Bereshit Vayeitzei Bereshit 2009- Parashat Vayetze 9/2/2009 Read Save
Bereshit Vayishlach Bereshit 2009- Parashat Vayishlah 8/25/2009 Read Save
Bereshit Vayeishev Bereshit 2009- Parashat Vayeshev 8/20/2009 Read Save
48 Parashot found