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Among the many shiurim that Rabbi Eli Mansour delivers throughout the week, the Shabbat morning class is likely the most exciting and inspiring, and for many members of his congregation and beyond, it is the highlight of the week.  In this shiur, the Rabbi weaves together meaningful, practical lessons with penetrating textual insights into the weekly parasha and profound concepts of Jewish mystical thought.  Through his trademark combination of scholarship, humor, and a practical, real-life understanding of people, and by building upon an eclectic array of traditional Rabbinic sources, the Rabbi succeeds, week after week, to captivate the large audience and fuel their love and dedication to Torah.  We are proud to present transcripts of these lectures for our readership to read, study, and enjoy.

This feature is solemnly dedicated to the memory of Moises Saba A”H, who was tragically taken from us at a young age in the winter of 2010.  Each time he visited Brooklyn, Moises ensured to visit Congregation Bet Yaacob and attend Rabbi Mansour’s Shabbat morning shiur, for which he felt special affection.  His love and devotion to Torah, and especially to this weekly shiur, was and still is an inspiration to the entire congregation.  We humbly dedicate this project to his memory, and pray that his memory and the merit of his Torah-rich life shall be a source of blessing and inspiration for our community, our readership, and all Am Yisrael.