Refuah Shelemah for Tina Bat Bella

Mahasit 2018

It is customary during the month of Adar to make a charitable donation to commemorate the “Mahasit Ha’shekel,” the annual half-shekel tax that every Jew would give during the times of the Bet Ha’mikdash to fund the expenses of the Temple.

The preferred method for fulfilling the custom of “Zecher La’mahasit Ha’shekel” is to use a half-dollar coin that has silver content.

Rabbi Eli Mansour can perform this Misva on your behalf as your Shaliah (your representative) using the half-dollar coins that have the silver content.

The custom of “Zecher La’mahasit Ha’shekel” requires donating the value of nine grams of silver, which this year 2018 amounts to approximately $8.

Some have the custom to give the value of (1) one Ma'hasit Ha'shekel for each family member in their household. Others have the custom to give the value of (3) three Ma'Hasit Has'shekels per person.

Complete the form below to have Rabbi Mansour perform this misva on your behalf. 100% of your funds will be distributed to charitable causes. A receipt of No Goods or Services will be displayed upon completion of the transaction which you can print for your records.
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Click SUBMIT below to process your transaction. Your credit card statement shall show a charge from “Hessed Fund”, a Charity Fund of Congregation Bet Yaakob (an approved 501C non-profit organization.)