Refuah Shelemah for Tina Bat Bella

Kaparot 2020

You may appoint Rabbi Eli Mansour to perform Kapparot on your behalf so that you can fulfill the Misva of this Holiday.

If one cannot use a chicken for Kapparot, this custom can be observed by using money. The money should be given to a poor person as charity. If one performs Kapparot with money, this money cannot be counted toward his Ma'aser Kesafim (tithe of his income). The money serves as his atonement, as a kind of "ransom” for his life, and it must therefore not come from money that he would in any event have to give to charity.

You can fulfill this custom of "Kapparot" by having Rabbi Mansour distribute funds on your behalf to those in need.

Please note that this Kapparot link will be disabled at 2:00 PM (New York time) on Sunday, Erev Yom Kippur, Sept. 27th 2020

The minimum donation this year is $10.00 per person wishing to fulfill the Misva.

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