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About Rabbi Eli Mansour

Rabbi Eli J. Mansour was born in 1968. He attended community yeshivot graduating Magen David Yeshivah and Shaare Torah High School. He then went to Israel where he studied at Mercaz HaTorah. Upon returning home he continued to learn in various places including Ateret Torah in Brooklyn, and the Bet Midrash Gavoha in Lakewood. He then joined the Keter Sion Kollel to learn under the guidance of Rabbi Max Maslaton. He received simichah in 1998.

Rabbi Mansour currently serves as Rabbi to a congregation known as Bet Yaakob. The Congregation is temporarily currently housed on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn New York.   The Synagogue will relocate B"H in September 2014 to a new permanent location on Ocean Parkway and shall be renamed The Edmond J Safra Synagogue.  The Rabbi gives daily classes in mishnah, gemara, halachah, torah, neviim, and a variety of subjects relevant to the orthodox community. He continues to advance his learning at the Keter Sion Kollel.

The Rabbi and his wife Sandra currently have (b'li ayin ha'ra) 6 children.

The Rabbi co-authored a Sephardic Hagada Shel Pesach with commentary that was published by Artscroll. Also available, published by ArtScroll is a sefer entitled Patah Eliyahu- The Daily Halacha, a printed version of approximately 400 Halachot and a compendium of insights on every Parasha.

There are 7 web sites and a Phone Service, that feature Rabbi Mansour's teachings:

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