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Is It Permissible To Have Left Over Meat From Shabbat During The 9 Days
The question was asked about a Minhag in regards to the 9 days from Rosh Chodesh Av to Tisha BeAv. Maran brings down in siman 551 that the Minhag is to refrain from eating meat from Rosh Chodesh Av until after the fast on Tisha BeAv. This restriction does not include Rosh Chodesh itself, nor does it include the Shabbat within those 9 days. This prohibition includes chicken, and it also prohibits foods that are cooked with meat. For example, rice that was originally cooked with some pieces of meat would be forbidden to eat even if the rice would be served without the meat. Additionally, this restriction includes wine and grape juice. It is permissible of course on Shabbat to make Kiddush with wine, but after Shabbat it would be forbidden to drink wine or grape juice during the 9 days.

The question was then asked about Shabbat left overs. Would it be permissible to serve meat left overs after Shabbat?

First let’s discuss the 4th meal, which is the ‘Melave Malka’ that is served on Motzae Shabbat. Rav Chayim Palachi in his sefer ‘Moed Lichol Chai’ is lenient and writes that those who wish to eat Shabbat left over meat on Motzae Shabbat have what to rely on. Even those who usually don’t have meat on Motzae Shabbat at their ‘Melave Malk’ are permitted to eat left over Shabbat meat even though it is within the 9 days. Chacham Ben Tzion however, prefers that one does not eat Shabbat meat left overs on Motzae Shabbat. Although he acknowledges the leniencies, he nevertheless prefers abstention for eating meat on Motzae Shabbat, especially if it is not one’s weekly customary practice.

Now, lets discuss if it is permissible to eat Shabbat meat left over after Motzae Shabbat within the 9 days. First, we must state that for certain, eating Shabbat left over meat is forbidden if the food was prepared with the intent of yielding extra left overs. One can not sketch around, and make tricks. That is unacceptable and forbidden. But what about food that is truly extra left overs? Most of us have left overs after Shabbat. Can we eat the Shabbat left over meat after Shabbat?

Well, there are different opinions on this among the Poskim. Rav Chida is an authority on this topic, and he writes that there are proofs for and against eating these left overs after Shabbat. Therefore, we can not rebuke those who eat the Shabbat meat left overs. They have what to rely on. That is also what Chacham Ovadia Yoseph says. Rav Chida however says that by minors, there is no controversy, and Lechatchila, they may eat the Shabbat meat left overs. Now, minors who are able to understand the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash, and who understand the meaning of the 9 days are required to refrain from eating meat during the 9 days as well. But there is no dispute for them when it comes to the question of eating Shabbat meat left overs. Chacham Ovadia Yoseph is clear on this, and the children may eat the Shabbat left over meat.

So again, left over Shabbat meat is permissible on Motzae Shabbat for the ‘Melave Malka’. Shabbat left over meat is clearly prohibited to eat during the nine days if extra was prepared in order to bring about excess. And lastly, meat that was truly extra after Shabbat may be eaten Lechatchila any time by minors, and one can not rebuke anyone else if they chose to eat the left overs after Motzae Shabbat, for there is what to rely on.