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May an Ashkenazi Have a Sepharadi Wash His Clothes During the Nine Days?
Sephardic custom allows laundering clothes after Rosh Hodesh Ab. Whereas Ashkenazim refrain from doing laundry during the nine days from Rosh Hodesh Ab through Tisha BAb, Sepharadim forbid laundry only during "Shabua Shehal Bo," meaning, the week of Tisha BAb. Thus, when Tisha BAb falls on Sunday, as is the case this year (5772), there are no restrictions on laundry before Tisha BAb according to Sephardic custom. One may wash clothes the entire week before Tisha BAb, and laundry is forbidden only on Tisha BAb day itself. (On Shabbat, of course, laundry is in any event forbidden.)

The question was asked whether an Ashkenazi may have a Sepharadi wash clothes for him during the Nine Days. If a Sepharadi is doing a load of laundry during the week before Tisha BAb, as his custom allows doing, may his Ashkenazi friend bring some clothes to add to the load?

This question was addressed by Rav Haim Kanievsky (contemporary), who ruled (listen to audio recording for precise citation) that it is forbidden for an Ashkenazi to have his clothes washed by a Sepharadi during the Nine Days. Since he derives benefit from the laundering of his garments regardless who washes them, it is forbidden for him to have his clothes washed even by a Sepharadi.

Summary: On years when Tisha BAb falls on Sunday, Sepharadim may do laundry throughout the entire week before Tisha BAb, whereas Ashkenazim may not do laundry from Rosh Hodesh Ab until after Tisha BAb. An Ashkenazi may not have a Sepharadi wash his clothes for him during this period.