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Mukse- Is Flour, Coffee or Raw Eggs Considered Mukse?

Hacham Ovadia discusses different food items that may fall into the category of Mukse. First, he deals with flour. He rules that even though it cannot be used for baking on Shabbat, nevertheless, since it can be mixed with sugar and consumed "as-is," it is considered edible and not Mukse. Similarly, ground coffee (not instant) is also not Mukse, since it can be mixed with sugar and consumed. This is brought by MaHarit Paracci in his Ginat Veradim (OC 3:3).

Hacham Ovadia rules that a raw egg is not Mukse. Since some people do eat raw eggs, e.g. to enhance their voice, it is deemed edible and not Mukse. In Hazon Ovadia (3:226) he rules that an egg that has a blood spot in the yellow is still not Mukse. Although it is forbidden to be eaten, it may be given to a dog.

The Menuhat Ahaba (Rabbi Moshe Halevi, Israel, 1961-2001) rules that even foods which cannot be eaten without cooking, such as a potato, are still not Mukse, since they can be consumed under extenuating circumstances. Hacham Ovadia disagrees and considers such foods Mukse.

Flour, ground coffee grinds and raw eggs are not Mukse. Raw potatoes and other foods that cannot be eaten raw should be considered Mukse.


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