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Must One Recite a Beracha Over Cooked Fruit Eaten for Dessert?

If a person ate a meal with bread and for dessert wishes to eat some cooked fruit, such as a baked apple, does he recite a Beracha over the fruit, or is it exempted by the Beracha of "Ha'mosi" recited over the bread?

Generally speaking, when a person eats a bread meal, the Beracha of "Ha'mosi" covers the foods eaten subsequently that constitute an integral part of the meal. Fruit is generally eaten as either an appetizer or dessert, and thus is not considered an integral part of the meal. As such, one who eats fruit at a meal must recite "Bore Peri Ha'etz" despite the fact that he had recited "Ha'mosi" over the bread. At first glance, however, one might argue that this Halacha applies only to raw fruit. Cooked or baked fruit, perhaps, should be regarded as a more significant part of the meal, in which case it should be covered by the Beracha of "Ha'mosi" recited at the beginning of the meal.

Hacham Ovadia Yosef, however, in his work Hazon Ovadia (Laws of Berachot, in the annotation on p. 142; listen to audio for precise citation), rules that even cooked fruit requires the recitation of a Beracha in a meal. He contends that even though the fruit has been cooked or baked, since it is eaten as a sweet dessert, rather than for nourishment, it cannot be considered an integral part of one's meal. As such, one must recite a Beracha on fruit eaten as dessert after a bread meal even if it had been boiled or baked.

Summary: One who eats fruit for dessert at a meal must recite the Beracha of "Bore Peri Ha'etz," even though he had recited the Beracha of "Ha'mosi" at the beginning of the meal. This applies to raw, boiled and baked fruits.


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