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Stirring Food In A Pot and Serving From A Pot On Shabbat

Halacha forbids stirring food in a pot that is on the fire or a blech on Shabbat. This prohibition applies even if the food has been fully cooked, since stirring is considered part of the process of cooking, and stirring cooked food thus gives the appearance of cooking on Shabbat. Therefore, if one cooks cholent in a crock-pot, he may not stir the cholent on Shabbat while it is still in the crock-pot.

The Shulchan Aruch does, however, permit serving on Shabbat from a pot that is over the fire or on a blech. Thus, for example, if one does not want to take the pot of soup off the fire because he needs to keep it there until Shabbat morning, he may serve from the pot even while it is sitting on the fire. Since serving involves merely taking some soup or food with the ladle, and not mixing, it is permissible. One must ensure, however, not to mix the contents of the pot as he serves, such as by taking specifically from the bottom of the pot or moving the ladle around in search of a particular item.

Shulchan Aruch, Siman 252:1
See Menuhat Ahava, Helek 2, Page 348


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