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Does a Ladle Become a Keli Rishon When Dishing Out from a Pot?

The Poskim debate whether a ladle which dishes out from a Keli Rishon also has the status of a Keli Rishon, or does it already become a Keli Sheni. If it retains the status of a Keli Rishon, then it may be problematic to pour from it on to raw foods.

The Taz (Rabbi David Segal, Poland, 1586-1667) and the Mishna Berura (318:87) are strict and hold that it is a Keli Rishon, because it was immersed in the pot. The second vessel only becomes a Keli Sheni when the contents are poured from the Keli Rishon into it and not when dished out from the Keli Rishon.

Hacham Ovadia is a little more lenient and holds that there is only an issue if the ladle remained in the Keli Rishon until it became hot. If he quickly dished out with the ladle before it became hot, the ladle is definitely a Keli Sheni. If the ladle became hot, he prohibits putting raw food in the ladle, but permits pouring from it onto raw foods, because there is a Safek Sefekah-a double doubt: Perhaps the ladle is indeed a Keli Sheni, and even if it becomes a Keli Rishon, perhaps the Halacha is in accordance with the Rashba who rules that it is permissible to pour from a Keli Rishon onto raw food.

Hacham Bension has a difffernt approach. He rules that if the Keli Rishon was still on the fire, the ladle also becomes a Keli Rishon, but if the pot was already off the fire, the ladle becomes a Keli Sheni. To avoid all doubt, one should take the hot food out of the pot when it is already off the fire, if he intends to put raw spices or food in the ladle.


It is permitted to pour from a ladle onto raw food. Putting raw food in the ladle is also permissible, but it is best to first take the pot off the fire before putting the ladle in the pot.


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